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Tachodisc has provided training in Transport legislation and associated subjects for over 30 years

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Driver CPC - Drivers Hours, Working Time and Record Keeping
11/02/2017, 07/03/2017, 06/04/2017, 18/07/2017, 14/09/2017, 07/10/2017
Designed to highlight drivers’ responsibilities under drivers’ hours legislation and provide practical experience of working with analogue and digital equipment
Driver CPC - Emergency First Aid at Work
11/01/2017, 17/07/2017, 12/10/2017, 04/12/2017
This course provides professional drivers with the knowledge and skills to administer first aid in emergency situations during the course of their employment.  A three year Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certificate will also be issued to those who participate in the practical assessment element of the course
Driver CPC - Road Legal
08/03/2017, 18/03/2017, 09/05/2017, 15/09/2017, 04/11/2017
Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of road traffic law ensuring drivers and third parties will be safe whilst out on the road
Driver CPC - Vulnerable Road Users
14/01/2017, 06/03/2017, 15/08/2017, 09/09/2017, 13/09/2017, 09/12/2017
Designed to assist drivers in identifying the many types of vulnerable road users and also provide the tools to change perception and develop a responsible attitude towards these groups.
Driver CPC – Operator Licence Compliance
Enhances knowledge and understanding of road transport law and demonstrates the consequences of non-compliance for both operator and driver
Driver CPC - Driving Skills Workshop
14/02/2017, 03/06/2017, 20/07/2017, 06/12/2017
Designed to enhance and improve driving skills, road safety awareness and organisation’s safety culture
Driver CPC - Vehicle Safety
09/03/2017, 08/04/2017, 23/06/2017, 08/12/2017
Course provides best practice advice, guidance and encourages understanding of driver and operator responsibilities with regards to maintaining a vehicle in safe and roadworthy condition
Driver CPC - Driving Values
13/05/2017, 07/12/2017
Course is designed to follow the principles of industry recognised Good Lorry Code, thus demonstrating a commitment to best safety, operation and environmental standards possible
Driver CPC - Safety First
08/07/2017, 19/07/2017
Course designed to encourage positive workplace safety culture, concentrating on high risk activities.  Offers clear advice on industry best practice
Driver CPC - Driving with Digital
Digital tachograph training course. Detailed tuition on all aspects of operating the digital tachograph to comply with legislation
Practical instruction and guidance 
 OLAT ( Operator Licence Awareness Training)
10/01/2017, 23/03/2017, 03/05/2017, 06/07/2017, 17/10/2017 and 07/12/2017
One day course for supervisors and managers – to understand and manage the operation in accordance with the operator licence undertakings. This course can qualify as driver CPC periodic training if specified at the time of booking
Management of Drivers’ Hours and Records
26/01/2017 and 22/06/2017
Explains and clarifies Drivers’ Hours Law and the Road Transport Regulations, providing the confidence to address issues with drivers and maintain records in accordance with legislation
Transport Office Administrator Course  
Provides an understanding of the legal documentation and record keeping requirements in relation to tachographs, driver licencing, defect reporting and vehicle records
CPC Refresher Course for Freight Operators
01/03/17 - 02/03/17 and 14/06/17 - 15/06/17
Provides comprehensive information and the tools to assist with maintaining compliance within the operation including updates on current and future developments in road transport legislation  
Manager CPC

City and Guilds Accreditation Free Online Preparation course Online Pre-assessment E-testing Full flexibility of training options to accommodate all complex business schedules. Pre-course study and assessment to focus the training and fully utilise the course time effectively Full course options or home study for both HGV and PCV operators Option to combine as driver CPC periodic training if specified at time of booking a course

All training courses provided in conjunction with the FTA


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