Tachodisc provide a comprehensive range of Management and Driver CPC Courses to meet all your training requirements. 

You need a trusted training partner who can make sure you are always compliant and gets on with the job in a hassle free and cost efficient way.

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Management of Drivers' Hours and Records >>

This one day course explains and clarifies Drivers’ Hours Law and the Road Transport Regulations, providing the confidence to address issues with drivers and maintain records in accordance with legislation.

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Transport Manager CPC >>

The Transport Manager CPC is a legal requirement for the Operator licensing system, providing the knowledge to run a compliant and efficient transport operation.

  • City and Guilds Accreditation - HGV
  • OCR Accreditation - Passenger
  • E-testing for the multi-choice element of the examination
  • Full flexibility of training options to accommodate all complex business schedules.  Pre-course study and assessment to focus the training and fully utilise the course time effectively
  • Full course options or home study for both HGV and Passenger Operations
  • Option to combine Driver CPC periodic training if specified at tome of booking

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There are no upcoming dates in this category

Transport Manager CPC Refresher for Freight Operators >>

This two day Course has been developed for transport professionals who would like refresher training on the key operational areas within the CPC syllabus, incorporating any recent changes to legislation. 

Delegates will be required to complete an assessment and a certificate of achievement or attendance will be issued following course completion.  This provides evidence that attendees have taken positive steps to demonstrate their professionalism and continued development.

Who should attend

Anyone who wishes to update their transport legislation knowledge to the latest standards

  • Those who are committing to their continued professional development as a transport professional
  • Operators who are required to complete refresher training at the direction of a Traffic Commissioner

Benefits of attending

Provides the information and tools to ensure you are up to date with the current developments in road transport legislation

  • Provides peace of mind that you are operating legally in compliance with the latest guidance from Traffic Commissioners
  • Offers the opportunity to network with other industry professionals; sharing ideas and best practice

Course Content

Drivers’ hours and working time

  • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) and enforcement issues
  • Management of tachograph records
  • Maintenance systems and procedures Operator licensing
  • Driver CPC
  • Driver licensing

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Driver CPC - Driving Skills Workshop >>

Designed to enhance and improve driving skills, road safety awareness and organisation’s safety culture.

Driver training in the UK primarily involves a traditional approach to the acquision of skills. Traffic education involves a broad range of concepts that go far beyond the physical act of controlling a vehicle Following the principles of defensive driving, this workshop provides a cost effective method to enhance and improve driving skills.


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Driver CPC - Driving Values >>

Course is designed to follow the principles of industry recognised Good Lorry Code, thus demonstrating a commitment to best safety, operation and environmental standards possible.

The benefits include increased competence with defensive driving techniques and all weather driving. Drivers will be more aware of how their actions can improve their general wellbeing, incident rates and vehicle downtime as well as fuel consumption. 

In general, get sa better knowledge of transport law to help protect the business and other using recognised industry codes of practice.

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Driver CPC - Driving with Digital >>

Detailed tuition on all aspects of operating the digital tachograph to comply with legislation.

This course is designed to highlight drivers' responsibilities under drivers' hours recording equipment legislation. It provides practical instruction and guidance on recordign and inputting data using equipment. 

Develop knowledge of the rules, gain practical guidance on recording day-to-day, understand how compliance relates to operator licence obligations and understand the penalities for none-compliance. 

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Driver CPC - Operator Licence Compliance >>

Enhances knowledge and understanding of road transport law and demonstrates the consequences of non-compliance for both operator and driver.

Those that attend will be able to demonstrate the consequences of non-compliance for both operator and driver. It will enhance knowledge of road transport law and offer and greater understanding of the OCRS system and powers of enforcement.

Course content:

  • Operator licencing system
  • Vehicle checks and defect reporting
  • Overview of EU drivers' hours rules
  • Driver licencing
  • Road Traffic Act
  • Safety of loads on vehicles
  • Enforcement systems, procedures and penalties

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Driver CPC - Road Legal >>

Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of road traffic law ensuring drivers and third parties will be safe whilst out on the road.

This offers detailed knowledge and understanding of the legal responsibilities in being ready for the road. There is increased awareness of vehicle security, imroved ability on how to assess emergency and breakdown situations The course also supports basic principles of emergency care in the event of third-party injury. You will receive comprehensive guidance on completion of incident report forms in event of a road traffic collision. 

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Driver CPC - Safety First >>

Course designed to encourage positive workplace safety culture, concentrating on high risk activities.  Offers clear advice on industry best practice.

The course highlights responsibilities covered by all aspects of health and safety legislation, offers clear advice on industry best practice, increased understanding of workplace transport safety obligations abd covers how to create a safer work environment.

Course content:

  • Employer and employee duties under UK and EU legislation
  • Various health and safety legislation including Personal Protective Equipment, manual handling, working at height and reporing of injuries.
  • Risk assessments 
  • Workplace transport issues

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Driver CPC - Smart Motorways >>

This course has been developed in partnership with Highways England to support the logistics industry and engage with drivers on the benefits of using Smart motorway systems.

One of the core aims of this course is to review and improve driving behaviour through the use of defensive driving principles and compliance with motorway signs, signals, speed limits, red X markings and use of the hard shoulder

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Driver CPC - Vehicle Safety >>

Course provides best practice advice, guidance and encourages understanding of driver and operator responsibilities with regards to maintaining a vehicle in safe and roadworthy condition

The course offers comprehensive guidance on how to conduct an effective vehicle wal around check, principles of safe loading, information on how compliance relates to operator licence obligations adn understanding what the procedures and consequences are for non-compliance.

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Driver CPC - Vulnerable Road Users >>

Designed to assist drivers in identifying the many types of vulnerable road users and also provide the tools to change perception and develop a responsible attitude towards these groups

This classroom theory course is aimed at all professional drivers of goods and passenger vehicles. It will assist drivers in identifying the many types of vulnerable road users and also provide the tools to change perception and develop a responsible attitude towards these groups of road users.

This classroom course content has been TfL/CLOCS approved to meet the Work Related Road Rish Driver Training Objectives and Learning Outcomes.

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