Driver CPC - Driving Skills Workshop

Designed to enhance and improve driving skills, road safety awareness and organisation’s safety culture.

Following the principles of defensive driving, this workshop provides a cost effective method to enhance and improve driving skills.

Benefits of attending

  • Reduction in vehicle accidents and incidents 
  • Reduced environmental pollution 
  • Reduction in costs associated with vehicle maintenance 
  • Improve driver standards 
  • Improve road safety awareness and the organisation’s safety culture 

Course content

  • Vehicle control skills 
  • Hazard recognition skills 
  • Understanding of road traffic rules and regulations 
  • How to avoid collisions 
  • Understanding signs and signals and special design characteristics 
  • Understanding the difference between the road surface from motorways to urban roads as well as built up areas and how they could affect a person’s driving 
  • Economy driving 
  • Driving in adverse conditions 
  • Other road users 

Select Course Location

05/11/2018Stirling £97.81
13/11/2018Leeds £97.81
13/12/2018Warrington £97.81
13/12/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81