Driver CPC - Driving Values

Course is designed to follow the principles of industry recognised Good Lorry Code, thus demonstrating a commitment to best safety, operation and environmental standards possible.

The benefits include increased competence with defensive driving techniques and all weather driving. Drivers will be more aware of how their actions can improve their general wellbeing, incident rates and vehicle downtime as well as fuel consumption. 

In general, get sa better knowledge of transport law to help protect the business and other using recognised industry codes of practice.

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30/06/2018Leeds £97.81
28/07/2018Warrington £97.81
10/09/2018Bristol £97.81
12/09/2018Stirling £97.81
13/09/2018Eastleigh £97.81
19/09/2018Leeds £97.81
29/10/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81
20/11/2018Leamington Spa £97.81
11/12/2018Leamington Spa £97.81
11/12/2018Leeds £97.81
13/12/2018Stirling £97.81