Driver CPC - Driving with Digital

Detailed tuition on all aspects of operating the digital tachograph to comply with legislation.

This course is designed to highlight drivers' responsibilities under drivers' hours recording equipment legislation. It provides practical instruction and guidance on recordign and inputting data using equipment. 

Develop knowledge of the rules, gain practical guidance on recording day-to-day, understand how compliance relates to operator licence obligations and understand the penalities for none-compliance. 

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02/07/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81
24/07/2018Leamington Spa £97.81
25/08/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81
10/09/2018Warrington £97.81
17/09/2018Leeds £97.81
08/12/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81
10/12/2018Warrington £97.81
12/12/2018Stirling £97.81
14/12/2018Leamington Spa £97.81