Driver CPC - LoCITY

The LoCITY course focuses on minimising the environmental impact of vans and HGVs by reducing emissions.

The course will ensure drivers and managers understand how using pre-journey planning, vehicle checks, fuel-efficient driving, and alternative fuels they can cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of their fleet operations. 

Benefits of attending

  • Improve the environmental impact of your fleet 
  • Reduce costs to fleet operations 
  • Gives drivers and managers a better understanding of the importance of planning journeys and doing vehicle checks 

Course content

  • The relationship between driving style, fuel consumption and environmental impact 
  • How regular maintenance and vehicle checks can cut costs and emissions 
  • Fuel efficient driving techniques 
  • Use of in-vehicle technology to improve fuel economy 
  • Benefits of journey planning 
  • Alternative fuels in commercial vehicles 

Select Course Location

01/08/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81
01/10/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81
03/10/2018Leamington Spa £97.81
10/10/2018Warrington £97.81
07/11/2018Leamington Spa £97.81