Driver CPC - Road Legal

Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of road traffic law ensuring drivers and third parties will be safe whilst out on the road.

This offers detailed knowledge and understanding of the legal responsibilities in being ready for the road. There is increased awareness of vehicle security, imroved ability on how to assess emergency and breakdown situations The course also supports basic principles of emergency care in the event of third-party injury. You will receive comprehensive guidance on completion of incident report forms in event of a road traffic collision. 

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20/06/2018Leamington Spa £97.81
25/06/2018Bristol £97.81
26/06/2018Warrington £97.81
02/07/2018Belfast £97.81
03/07/2018Leeds £97.81
05/07/2018Tunbridge Wels £97.81
23/07/2018Stirling £97.81
12/09/2018Warrington £97.81
21/09/2018Leamington Spa £97.81
09/10/2018Stirling £97.81
19/10/2018Leeds £97.81
10/12/2018Tunbridge Wells £97.81
11/12/2018Warrington £97.81