Driver CPC - SAFEDrive

This classroom theory course is aimed at all professional goods drivers but is also beneficial for driver trainers and fleet managers. It is designed to update drivers in the use of the technology and techniques required to drive safely whilst optimising fuel efficiency (approved for LGV Drivers only). 

Benefits of attending

  • Understand vehicle emissions and how a driver influences them 
  • Learn how to make telematics work for you and how it can be used to reduce emissions and optimise fuel usage 
  • Explore fuel efficient and safe driving techniques 
  • Understand your driving habits, and how you can change them for the better 

Course content

  • Climate change and air quality – the need for change 
  • Alternative fuels 
  • Telematics and its role in measuring the way you drive 
  • Safe driving techniques 
  • Optimising fuel consumption

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