Driver CPC - Safety First

Course designed to encourage positive workplace safety culture, concentrating on high risk activities.  Offers clear advice on industry best practice (approved for LGV Drivers only).

Benefits of attending

  • Highlights responsibilities covered by all aspects of health and safety legislation 
  • Offers clear advice on industry best practice 
  • Increased understanding of workplace transport safety obligations 
  • Safer work environment 

Course content:

  • Employer and employee duties under UK and EU legislation
  • Various health and safety legislation including Personal Protective Equipment, manual handling, working at height and reporing of injuries.
  • Risk assessments and the requirement of safe systems of work 
  • Workplace transport issues - pre drive checks, getting in/out of the vehicle, reversing, safe parking, coupling / uncoupling and loading / unloading
  • Causes of work related road accidents, methods of reducing risks and actions to take in an emergency
  • The powers of enforcement authorities

Select Course Location

14/12/2018Warrington £97.81
18/02/2019Tunbridge Wells £97.81
22/02/2019Warrington £97.81
26/03/2019Leamington Spa £97.81
24/04/2019Warrington £97.81
03/05/2019Leeds £97.81
14/05/2019Stirling £97.81
28/06/2019Stevenage £97.81
29/06/2019Leeds £97.81