Driver CPC - Vehicle Safety

Course provides best practice advice, guidance and encourages understanding of driver and operator responsibilities with regards to maintaining a vehicle in safe and roadworthy condition (approved for LGV Drivers only).

Benefits of attending

  • Offers comprehensive guidance on how to conduct an effective vehicle walk around check 
  • Detailed awareness of best practices surrounding the principles of safe loading/unloading and load security 
  • Gain a full appreciation of how compliance of vehicle and load safety relates to the operator licence obligations 
  • Understand the procedures and consequences for the driver and operator in the event of non-compliance 
  • Improved OCRS scores 

Course content

  • Best practice procedures for carrying out checks and preventing possible prohibitions 
  • Identifying key components to be checked 
  • Understanding check sheets, defect reports and their completion 
  • Principles of safe loading and unloading, use of equipment and load security 
  • The effect of transportation on the load and consequences of unsecured loads 
  • Operator Compliance Risk Score and fixed penalty systems 
  • The effect of non-compliance on the driver and operator licence 

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