Management of Drivers' Hours and Records

This half day course explains and clarifies Drivers’ Hours Law and the Road Transport Regulations, providing the confidence to address issues with drivers and maintain records in accordance with legislation.


Who should attend

  • Anyone who wishes to learn about drivers' hours rules and the relationship with working time regulations
  • Those who are committing to their continued professional development as a transport professional

Course Content

  • Legislation on EU drivers' Hours
  • Legislation on domestic drivers' hours
  • Working time regulations
  • Employer and driver obligations and rights
  • Written records for drivers exempt from EU rules
  • Best practice for monitoring compliance
  • Analysis and problem solving
  • Management of analogue and digital tachographs
  • Implications of running two systems and simultaneously

Select Course Location

23/01/2020Warrington £246.25
23/01/2020Tunbridge Wells £246.25
17/03/2020Leamington Spa £246.25
06/04/2020Stirling £246.25
22/04/2020Leeds £246.25
15/06/2020Warrington £246.25
27/07/2020Tunbridge Wells £246.25
12/10/2020Stirling £246.25
14/10/2020Leamington Spa £246.25
19/10/2020Leeds £246.25