Operator Licence Awareness Training - OLAT

Suitable for operators who are required to complete refresher training as advised by a Traffic Commissioner.

This Course is designed to help transport professionals at any level develop an active role in ensuring legal compliance within their operation.  It provides an overview of the operator licensing system and details the fundamental undertakings that apply to operators.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who wishes to update their transport legislation knowledge to the latest standards
  • Operators who are required to compleye refresher training as advised by the Traffic Commissioner
  • Candidates preparing for a full Transport Manager CPC
  • Those who are committing to their continued professional development as a transport professional

Course Content

  • Operator licensing
  • Managing the licence
  • Maintenance systems
  • Drivers' Hours and record keeping
  • Driver licensing
  • Road safety
  • Incident reporting

Select Course Location

11/09/2019Stirling £358.75
11/09/2019Telford £358.75
16/09/2019Croydon £358.75
17/09/2019Leamington Spa £358.75
26/09/2019Leeds £358.75
07/10/2019Tunbridge Wells £358.75
08/10/2019Warrington £358.75
10/10/2019Bristol £358.75
15/10/2019Cardiff £358.75
17/10/2019Leeds £358.75
24/10/2019Milton Keynes £358.75
24/10/2019Leamington Spa £358.75
07/11/2019Leamington Spa £358.75
02/12/2019Warrington £358.75