Smart Tachographs


Smart Tachographs

Smart tachographs (Gen 2 tachographs) are now mandatory in new vehicles registered from 15th June 2019, and will bring in a number of benefits beyond those of the digital tachograph (Gen 1 tachographs) as we know it:

  • The use of GNSS (Global Navigational Satellite System) will provide positioning data – it will record the location at the start and end of duty and after 3 hours accumulated driving
  • Enhanced security features
  • Remote roadside enforcement capabilities – with the appropriate equipment data can be picked up by enforcement within a short range of the vehicles. It will focus on tachograph misuse rather than hours’ law infringements and unless it is to be used as evidence will be deleted after 3 hours. Although this functionality is a requirement of a legally working smart tachograph DVSA have no immediate plans to implement in the UK
  • Interface with Intelligent Transport Systems – to be able to further utilise data beyond existing protocol. Combining this data with other systems may need the permission of the driver, via the driver menu on the smart tachograph, but could assist in running a more efficient operation

Generally, there will be very little change for the driver. Existing driver cards will be compatible in either Gen 1 or Gen 2 tachographs, but will only report Gen 1 capabilities in both. Any new card issued from the middle of March will be smart tacho compliant.

Due to the introduction of the new features in the smart tacho existing download equipment will need to be upgraded or replaced.

Please view the Briefing Note for further details.

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