Analogue Tachographs


Analogue Tachographs

Up to one in five serious road accidents are the result of a tired driver. Commercial vehicle drivers, on average, spend the longest amount of time continuously on the road.

As a result, legislation limits the amount of time drivers of both goods and passenger vehicles can drive and work without taking a break.

Tachograph systems have been a mandatory component of any transport or haulage vehicle operation in the EU since 1986. Tachographs are devices installed in commercial vehicles that record information about driving time, working time, and distance, to assist in ensuring drivers and employers are compliant in terms of both driver hours and the road transport directive. 

The Tachograph data has to be available for viewing by the relevant authorities.

There are two types of tachographs: analogue and digital. All commercial vehicles first registered on or after 1 May 2006 must be fitted with digital tachographs, however those that are not are still using analogue tachographs. Are you using them correctly? Contact us for expert advice and assistance.

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