What Service Stations are open? Here's an update!


What Service Stations are open? Here's an update!

We know that although driving has not been totally banned during the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, the government has said that you can drive for essential reasons, and for many of you, your job qualifies.

So, to try to help you through this period, we’re giving you a list of service stations that are still open. So that when you need a break, you’ll know where your nearest stop is.

We’ve grouped the service stations by operator, so if you’re a fan of Moto, but swerve Welcome break, you know where to look!

A quick note before we jump into the list, almost all services are not accepting Reusable cups and bottles to protect both you and their staff.


Services available:

  • WHSmith
  • Petrol station
  • toilet/shower facilities
  • Coffee machines are available.
  • Free parking is available for 3 hours (increased from 2).

Also, some of their services are now providing cooked-to-order meals. The limited menu is available free of charge with overnight HGV parking. These are available at the following sites only, 8am-9pm:

  • Birch north & south (M62)
  • Blyth (A1(M)/A1)
  • Doncaster (M18/M180)
  • Ferrybridge (M62/A1(M))
  • Heston westbound (M4 - no bridge)
  • Hilton Park north & south (M6)
  • Medway west & east (M2)
  • Trowell northbound (M1 - bridge available)

Also, the following Moto M&S Simply Food stores are open:

  • Blyth (A1(M))
  • Chieveley (M4/A34)
  • Ferrybridge (M62/A1(M))
  • Kinross (M90)
  • Lymm (M6/M56)
  • Medway (M2)
  • Pease Pottage (M23)
  • Scotch Corner (A1(M)/A66 - no HGVs)
  • Toddington northbound (M1 - with footbridge available)
  • Wetherby (A1(M) - main building and petrol station)
  • Woolley Edge southbound (M1 - no bridge)

Welcome Break

Services available:

  • petrol station
  • toilet/shower facilities.
  • WHSmith or a Waitrose open 24 hours a day (excluding Derby, Peartree & Telford)
  • coffee machines (either Starbucks or Costa)


Services available:

  • toilet/shower facilities
  • WHSmith available 24 hours a day (excluding Bothwell (M74) which operates 6am - 10pm
  • Petrol stations (not run by Roadchef but on shared premises, should be open as normal)
  • Free parking for 4 hours (up from 2)
  • Microwaves available for use by drivers and increased range of ready meals

Roadchef are also offering HGV parking stays of 4-24 hours for £15 and they are free at Bothwell (M74)


Services available:

  • toilet/shower facilities.
  • petrol stations (run by Shell and should be open as usual)
  • Limited food & beverage brands


Services available

  • Petrol stations (10am-3pm)
  • Toilet/shower facilities (24 hour)
  • Hot food available from farm shops

Westmorland motorway services are located at Cairn Lodge (M74), Gloucester (M5) and Tebay (M6), plus J38 Truckstop (M6).

They report that petrol station and toilet/shower facilities are open. Their buildings are only


Services available:

  • Petrol
  • Hot drinks are available at some (not all) sites.

Discounts: free hot drinks are available to emergency service workers (where available). Free fuel is available for emergency service vehicles (limitations apply).


Applegreen (UK & Ireland) are open as usual.

Circle K

Ireland's Circle K's motorway and major road sites are open, with a deli counter.

Lidon Group (Junction 14)

Lidon Group operates Junction 14 Mayfield services. It has not reported any changes to its services.

Hopefully, this gives you everything you’ll need to find what you need while you’re out on the road so you can keep moving and stay safe!