Driver Safety Advice


Driver Safety Advice

Vehicles carrying unrestrained loads are a safety risk to drivers and all involved in loading and unloading the vehicle, they are a danger to all road users and the public at large.

In order to minimise serious, and in the worst case scenario, fatal injuries, RIDDOR and HSE require all near misses and incident to be reported through your health and safety at work procedures.

Legislation states that a load must at all times be secure, so make use of the bespoke products that have been designed specifically for the purpose of securing the load, wherever appropriate.

Both the driver and the operator could be liable in the event of an unsecure load resulting in penalty points, endorsements, heavy fines and, depending on the seriousness of the incident, a prison sentence.

Going hand in hand with this, do not forget that overloading poses a huge danger to all road users resulting in potentially serious consequences. It is an offence to use a goods vehicle or permit it to be used when overloaded. The maximum fine is £5000 and could result in the Traffic Commissioner taking action against the operator licence.