PCV drivers – how organised are you?


PCV drivers – how organised are you?

As the summer season approaches, if you are a PCV driver, you will be entering what will probably be your busiest period in the year.

It is important that you are prepared to ensure your journeys are problem free and you successfully deliver your excited passengers to their destinations with as little disruption as possible. Tachodisc can help you.

Keep your records up-to-date

Whether you drive vehicles fitted with analogue or digital tachographs you need to keep comprehensive records. Ensure procedures are in place to check analogue files and download digital data, maybe you should look at a remote downloading option to relieve the problem of physically having to download driver cards and vehicle units. Carry sufficient analogue charts / digital print rolls (including spares) to cover the journey. Care must be taken to ensure any legal record must be kept in good condition to be handed in at the appropriate time.

Make sure you and your vehicle are ready to roadworthy

Ensure you understand driver’s hours and working time legislation that applies to you. These regulations are European, however certain countries will enforce variations on other pieces of legislation for example drink / drive limits, speed limits, documents that need to be carried etc. Ensure you carry the relevant guides and equipment to stay safe and compliant. Where the vehicle is concerned, you must religiously check the vehicle is road-worthy. In addition to the daily walk around check which must carried out at the beginning of each journey, either using a defect book or an electronic device, ensure the vehicle has a full-service record in accordance with the DVSA’S guide to roadworthiness.

If you keep yourself well-stocked with consumable items and keep your vehicle in good condition, life on the road will be a lot easier.

Tachodisc are always happy to discuss all the options to assist in running your business. As a PCV driver you may be interested in our comprehensive range of products and services, in particular our digital products, storage options, breathalyser kits, first aid kits, defect checking books / app, maintenance books and stickers. In addition, our services may be of interest to you.

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