Proper Deals for Proper Drivers


Proper Deals for Proper Drivers

Running out of your vehicle defect books, or need to update your tachochart or dashcam? Luckily for you, we offer great deals all year round. For over 40 years we’ve delivered competitive prices on all your driving essentials, and we’re not about to change anything now. We know how to offer proper deals for proper drivers, so why not take a look at all the necessities you’ll need ranging from DPROLLS to dashcams, tacho charts and defect books! 
Best of all, if you stock up now, you’ll get free delivery when you spend over £100.

Vehicle Defect Reporting Books

With winter fast approaching the need to carry out your daily checks is more important than ever. A vehicle defect reporting book will not only help you remember to stay compliant, but you’ll have the necessary paperwork if you are stopped by VOSA. Whether you need a simple check pad like our T50F book, a fork lift specific check book like our T50FLT, or even if your vehicle is showing no faults, the T20 book has a ‘nil defect’ box to record your vehicle’s clean bill of health. 

Record Books

Keeping track of your working week has never been easier with our record books. Our TS15 record book is perfect for drivers who want to log their hours and journeys whilst they’re on the go. If you need to note down your mileage, our TVML book is easy to use and has space for 17 entries per page. It’s also vital that after a wheel change on a vehicle, the wheel nuts are re-checked for tightness, so keep some of our Torque Tag Labels handy for your next wheel fitting. Preparation is everything!

Tachograph Charts

Whether you’re on the analogue or digital team, we have tachographs ready for you to trace your journey. Our analogue tachographs come in a variety of sizes and have a superior trace side. Many of our Tacho charts like the T2/180R caters for up to three vehicle changes. There’s also a bulk discount available when you buy certain charts, so it’s worth stocking up now. Just don’t forget to check you’re all set up before starting your journey.  

Digital Downloading Devices

Who doesn’t want a device that does everything for you? Our Digidown Plus device is versatile and easy to use, with the added benefit of an inbuilt driver card reader. It’s compatible with all digital tachographs, drivers, company workshops and enforcement cards. A digital downloading device will not only take the hard work out of your everyday routine, but help you stay on track and compliant this winter.

Sat Navs & Dashcams

Safety first! If you want to read about the pros and cons of dashcams check out our blog post. Not only do we recommend them to keep you and other road users safe, they’re important to protect yourself against fraud. Our Cobra 2208 Dash Camera currently has £10 off and has pixel perfect HD video, with clear recording during the day and night. If you need to check you’re on the right route, our Garmin Dezl Truck Sat Nav includes truck-specific points of interest, plus an easy break planning feature too.

Find all your winter must-haves available to order today, with FREE delivery when you spend £100!