The benefits of remote downloading


The benefits of remote downloading

The Importance of Compliance

A haulier has recently lost its O licence due to a variety of offences. Despite a previous warning the operator was found to be parking a vehicle at an unauthorised operating centre; there was also evidence of driving without using a tachograph, driver convictions not notified to the TC, and inadequate management of the transport operation.

It was also found that the company did not have adequate financial standing and that the transport manager had not exercised continuous and effective management. The O licence was revoked, the director disqualified for holding an O licence for four years and the transport manager deemed to have lost his repute.

Avoiding compliance related problem: The Benefits Of Remote Downloading Tachograph Data.

Remote downloading is the easy solution for securely downloading data from your tachograph heads and drivers cards via GPRS.

Designed for companies who have drivers and vehicles spread across the country, as an aid to offer full flexibility as the vehicle can transfer data from any location.

Tachodisc have the solution to make the process time and cost effective.

Our remote downloading devices allow you to:

  • Easily monitor drivers data from multiple locations
  • Separate schedules for the Driver Card and Vehicle
  • Receive timely notification of infringements for driver training and management
  • Avoid missed downloads
  • Maintain a good rating with DVSA and hence helps protect the valuable O Licence
  • Provide instant downloads in case of accidents or investigations
  • Send data directly from the vehicle into our Vision Analysis Software
  • Define the download schedule
  • Swap digiDL between vehicles at end of lease or hire
  • Download from anywhere in Europe with the appropriate SIM contract
  • Updates firmware automatically
  • Ensure encrypted data is secure

What Do I Need?

Remote downloading will save you time and money, the process of switching over is quick and effective.


  • DigiDL
  • Digipostpro