The pros & cons of dash cams.


The pros & cons of dash cams.

Dashcams are becoming an increasingly popular addition to vehicles in the UK. Over 3 million drivers in the UK now have a dashcam fitted; but do you need one? We've weighed up the pros and cons of using a dashcam below.

The Pros
Reduced insurance premiums.

We all feel a sense of dread when the annual insurance quote looms around the corner. If you're keen to keep your insurance premiums low, one unexpected way is to use a dashcam while you're driving. Who knew? Some insurers are even offering discounts if you have one fitted, as it can be a preventative measure to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Encourages safe driving.
While dash cams are there to protect the driver of the vehicle and other road users, there's something about a driver knowing their driving is recording, that naturally encourages them to make better driving decisions. It's also possible to review dashcam footage and see if you spot any dangerous habits like driving too close or speeding. Doing this can help you evaluate your driving habits, improve your presence on the road and prevent it from happening again.

Protection for your vehicle when parked. 
When parked up, you may think you’re out of the danger zone, but your vehicle still needs to be protected even when it’s parked. Some dash cams come with a parking mode, where the camera comes on if your vehicle becomes damaged. It could be that another driver has bumped your vehicle and left, attempted to break in, or someone is vandalising the vehicle. With parking mode, you'll be able to watch the footage back and pass onto the police, so they could possibly catch who committed the crime.

One big positive point about dash cams is, they're placed in your vehicle to observe the entirety of the road. So, if you're in an accident or witness one, you'll have recorded evidence of it that you can re-watch or pass on. As we already know, authorities in the UK accept dashcam footage as evidence, so it's beneficial to use in cases of road rage, drink driving and dangerous behaviour that is threatening the lives of yourself and other motorists.
It’s also useful to protect yourself against false claims if you’re involved in an accident. There are more and more cases of accidents being staged to get an insurance pay-out, usually consisting of a driver suddenly pulling out in front of you, or even a flash for cash scam. 

The Cons
Could be a distraction

Like all additional devices in your vehicle, dash cams be a distraction while you’re driving. Some designs can be bulky in their size, even causing a blind spot in some cases when they’re placed in a position on your windscreen or dashboard. Luckily for you, we’ve got a compact dashcam that works brilliantly and is barely noticeable wherever you place it. 

Potential to invade privacy
Technology had advanced so much in the past few years, and some newer dash cams have integrated Wi-Fi which allows you to upload footage to social media or your computer. Although handy, it's worth bearing in mind; these Wi-Fi devices can also be dangerous. The footage can invade a person's privacy, and it may display evidence that can only be used in court proceedings if an accident happens.

Encourages Theft
One rule is to is store your dashcam out of sight. If you leave in plain view of people passing by, you run the risk of them trying to steal it or causing damage to your vehicle.  

Keeping you safe on the road is our biggest priority, so, browse our range of dashcams available to order today – you get free delivery on all orders over £100.