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Disposable Breathalyser - TBAT-UK-SIN

Disposable Breathalyser - TBAT-UK-SIN

Product Code: TBAT-UK-SIN

Quick Overview

A technically advanced single use disposable breathalyser includes bag.

Price Inc. VAT: £3.00
Price (ex.VAT): £2.50

Product Description

No larger than a cigarette, this single use product accurately alerts at more than one level of intoxication: - 0.2‰BAC for the UK Air & Rail limit, Irish Professional Driver Limit - 0.5‰BAC for the Irish & European driver - 0.8‰BAC for the UK driver Police Level Accuracy Derivatives of the AlcoSense Single are used by Police Forces in over 30 countries including the Police Nationale and Gendarmerie Nationale (Police) in France.

They’re used as a quick and effective screening device to show the Police Officer if the driver is over the limit, if the suspect fails the test they will be taken to the Police station for evidential blood or urine testing before conviction. Clear Results Showing Your Level AlcoSense Singles not just tell you that you have alcohol in your system, but to also accurately indicate how much.

Three rings around the tube represent the three common limits in the UK and Europe; 0.2‰BAC for the UK Air/Rail limit and the Irish professional driver limit, 0.5‰BAC for the Irish and European driver and 0.8‰BAC for the UK driver. Patented crystals inside the tube change colour from yellow to green in the presence of alcohol.

The further up the graduated tube the green colour appears the greater the concentration of alcohol the user has in their system. As the green colour change passes each line, you’ve passed each limit.

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