Digital Downloading Devices

Tachodisc offers a wide range of compliance tools and digital downloading data products, to make staying compliant with tachograph regulations as simple and easy as possible. Our products are guaranteed to provide accurate and reliable readings by using the latest technologies and are great for training. 

The ever-increasing product list includes:

  • Downloading card data tools
  • Hand-held products
  • Tacho card reader devices

The benefits of using a digital card reader are to provide reliable readings that are easily viewed and analysed as it holds data in two places, the card reader itself and the driver’s card, giving the driver reassurance of abiding with the law.  

View our full range of digital downloading devices & tacho card readers below:

What is a digital tachograph reading? 

A tachograph is a digital device that is fitted to a vehicle to monitor all activity, such as distance covered, speed of the vehicle, and how many hours are driven each day. Drivers are required to record their activity and record the data from their driver cards, to present to the transport authorities when required. Digital tachographs have been used in haulage companies since it became law in 2006, it also allows companies and fleet managers to see the driving habits of their employees.