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Digidown Blue - DIGIDOWN BLUE

Digidown Blue - DIGIDOWN BLUE


Quick Overview

Digidown Blue allows you to download your drivers card & vehicle data remotely via bluetooth to a mobile phone, this data can then be sent via e-mail and imported into analysis software.  Please note this unit is not compatiable with Apple products

Price (+VAT): £175.00

Product Description

Digidown Blue - Bluetooth Download for digital tachograph

With the Digidown Blue you can send your data:

Which ever way you choose to upload the data, you do not need to make any physical connection between the Digidown Blue and the computer receiving the data.

Please note that the Digidown Blue can be used with any digital tachograph

To set up a mobile phone for use with a Digidown Blue:

  • Select your mobile phone's web browser and go to the web site http://m.digidown.net

  • Download and install the Digidown Blue E-mail application.

  • Run the Digidown Blue E-mail application on your phone, select your preferred language and then follow the setup instructions to set your name and e-mail address and to check the connection to your Digidown Blue. 

    The Bluetooth pairing code for the Digidown Blue is 6543.

  • Set the 'to' e-mail address where you want to send the tachograph data. This can be anywhere in the world. It can be your business e-mail address; it can be your tachograph data analysis bureau address

Please Note

This product is simply the tool which takes data from your driver card. It is important to note that you will also require an analysis software package with which to read the information.

Not Apple compatible.

For more information on any of the packages that we supply please call the sales team or click here to fill in the online form.

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