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Digifob Pro - DFPRO2

Digifob Pro - DFPRO2

Product Code: DFPRO2

Quick Overview

Complete VU and driver card download tool with fast & efficient on-screen tachograph data analysis.

Price Inc. VAT: £348.00
Price (ex.VAT): £290.00

Product Description

Our Digifob pro is a digital download device with data analysis, downloading both vehicle unit (VU) and driver card data. Instantly check your compliance with EU tachograph regulations, including driver hours, using the large display screen without having to download the data first. This latest generation Digifob pro has all the same great features of the original tool; it allows you to selectively download digital tachograph data to save time on unnecessary full downloads.

Download tachograph data

There are several on-screen graphical reports that can be transferred to a PC for data storage, from the Digifob Pro including:

Driver Card Analysis

  • Last activity, next daily rest, latest shifts, latest daily rest and week summary
  • Infringements
  • Time overlaps
  • Vehicles used
  • Raw activity data

Vehicle Unit Analysis

  • Over speeding events
  • Power interruptions
  • Driving without card
  • Vehicle unit faults
  • Sensor faults
  • Raw activity data
  • Special conditions, places and calibration data
  • Last download and company locks
  • Speed graphs
  • Real time DDS display

Connection to a computer is not necessary in order to gather and view the digital tachograph data (supplied with Digiconnect software to archive data files). 

Please Note

This product is simply the tool which takes data from your Driver Card or VU.  Although you can analyse data on the device screen, it is important to note that you will also require an Analysis Service or data viewing software with which to store the information and manage infringements.

For more information please contact the sales team on 01925 283328 or email sales@tachodisc.co.uk.

Product Specification

  • 3GB Internal flash memory
  • Rechargeable (lithium polymer batteries)
  • Direct vehicle connection cable
  • Direct PC connection cable via USB (including charging)
  • Removable rubber bumper
  • Graphical colour display:  45mm x 60mm
  • Dimensions:  115mm x 75mm x 20mm
  • Six button control
  • Detailed graphical reporting
  • Real-time DDS or Counter Display
  • Auto power down


What is a digital tachograph?

Digital tachographs are devices which became a legal requirement in 2006, used primarily in haulage companies. They are fitted to vehicles 3.5 tonnes and above to monitor all vehicle activity including, drivers hours, rest periods, distance driven and speed of the vehicle.  Recording active vehicle data from a driver card is a legal requirement and data needs to be downloaded and stored, to present to transport authorities when required. 

Current legal tachograph requirements

  • 9 hours is the maximum a driver can spend driving per day, if necessary twice a week this can be extended to 10 hours. 
  • After driving for 4.5 hours, a break of 45 minutes is required, is required this 
  • 56 hours is the maximum weekly hours a driver can drive.
  • When driving other vehicles, travelling time needs to be considered and included within working hours; rest periods are also still required.

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