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Operator Digital Starter Pack -DSP2

Operator Digital Starter Pack -DSP2

Product Code: DSP2

Quick Overview

A comprehensive starter pack, helping operators transition from analogue to digital tachographs.

Price Inc. VAT: £336.00
Price (ex.VAT): £280.00

Product Description

The Operator Digital Starter pack contains everything you need to stay compliant with the tachograph regulations when downloading and storing your driver card and vehicle unit files and data.

The pack contains the following: 

  • Soloplus - 

    • This easy to use digital tachograph downloading software allows you to download, store, and view data.
    • The Soloplus software is designed for road transport operators working from a single site with a small number of vehicles, Soloplus will help you to stay compliant with tachograph regulations.
    • Please note Soloplus is now compatible with Generation 2 Smart Tachographs and Driver Smart Cards Issued after March 2019.
  • Digidownplus - 

    • This versatile and easy to use digital downloading device is a reliable tool to download data from a driver card and the latest data from the vehicle unit.  This portable device adds the extra benefit of an inbuilt driver card reader. 
    • This digital downloading device is compatible with all digital tachographs, driver, company, workshop, and enforcement cards.
    • The Digidownplus is compatible with all EU tachograph regulations to help keep you compliant.
  • Pack of 3 Digital Printer Rolls

    • Includes 3 individually wrapped, 8-meter long tachograph paper rolls, using high-quality paper to avoid fading of print.
    • Although most people use digital cards to record information, tachograph rolls are still needed to produce a printout for enforcement officers.  
  • Guide to Digital Icons

    • A durable easy guide, which folds up into a convenient pocket size, that explains the digital icons you may come across.  
  • Guide to Digital Tachographs

    • A laminated easy pocket guide to provide help for using digital tachographs. 
  • Drivers Memo Pad

    • An easy to use tick chart used to inform drivers of law infringements following analysis of their driver information. The pad contains 50 reports in triplicate.
  • Working Time Record Book

    • A record book used to record working time for a 26 week reference period.
  • Drivers Digital Tachograph Manual

    • A 36 page, A5 size manual to assist drivers in understanding all areas of digital tachographs.

Please Note

Please be aware this software is primarily a capturing and storing facility for digital data and will provide visibility of data to allow operators to view and identify infringements.  Although it can provide some basic reports it will not analyse data in terms of reporting infringements for either Drivers' Hours or the Working Time Regulations.  Please ensure you have the resource within your organisation to ensure compliance is maintained and driver infringements are recorded and addressed.  If this is not the case we would strongly recommend that you consider using our Analysis Software and would be happy to discuss options.

Product Specification

  • SoloPlus Data viewing and storage software (can only be active on one PC. Only compatible with Windows Operating Systems)
  • DigidownPlus (combined device to download the VU and Driver Card)
  • Digital Printer Rolls (pack of 3)
  • Digital Icons Guide
  • Digital User Guide 
  • Driver's Digital Tachograph Manual
  • Working Time Record Book
  • Drivers Memo Pad


What is the current tachograph legislation?

Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 has introduced second-generation digital tachographs called smart tachographs, which include a connection to the global navigation satellite system (‘GNSS’) facility, a remote early detection communication facility, and an interface with intelligent transport systems. The specifications for the technical requirements for the construction of smart tachographs should be set up. 

This Regulation lays down the provisions necessary for the uniform application of the following aspects regarding tachographs: 

  • Recording of the position of the vehicle at certain points during the daily working period of the driver 
  • Remote early detection of possible manipulation or misuse of smart tachographs 
  • Interface with intelligent transport systems 
  • The administrative and technical requirements for the type-approval procedures of tachographs 

Can I apply online for a digital tachograph card? 

If you need to apply for a digital tachograph card and you don’t need to submit a new photo (the one on your driving license will be used) you can complete the DVLA D777B(DL) form, which can be found here or on www.gov.uk

For all other applications, you should complete the DVLA D77B form which can be found here or on www.gov.uk

How long can you drive on a tachograph? 

The tachograph rules currently state the maximum daily driving hours on a tachograph are set to 9 hours, although twice a week this can be extended to 10 hours. The maximum weekly driving hours are limited to 56 hours, and the maximum two-weekly driving limit is 90 hours over any two weeks.


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