Soloplus - SOLOPLUS


Product Code: SOLOPLUS

Quick Overview

Download, store and view your digital tachograph data with Soloplus

Price (+VAT): £95.00
Soloplus - SOLOPLUS

Product Description

Soloplus digital tachograph download software is best suited to operators who work from a single site with a small number of vehicles.


  • Easy to store digital tachograph driver card and vehicle unit data
  • Driver card data, vehicle unit and speed data is available in summary or detail, with simple graphs and reports
  • Colour coded download reminders for when your drivers and vehicles are due for download
  • Print weekly and daily driver card summaries, export data to excel or run reports from Soloplus
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating systems (not MAC compatible)
  • Cannot be networked, can only be installed on one system
  • Can be deactivated and moved as required (serial number / licence key is necessary to complete)

Please Note

Please be aware this software is primarily a capturing and storing facility for digital data and will provide visibility of data to allow operators to view and identify infringements.  Although it can provide some basic reports it will not analyse data in terms of reporting infringements for either Drivers' Hours or the Working Time Regulations.  Please ensure you have the resource within your organisation to ensure compliance is maintained and driver infringements are recorded and addressed.  If this is not the case, we would strongly recommend that you consider using our Vision Analysis Software and would be happy to discuss options.