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Product Code: DIGIDL

Quick Overview

Download tachograph and driver card data from anywhere in Europe.

Price Inc. VAT: £354.00
Price (ex.VAT): £295.00

Please contact the sales team to check tachograph head compatibility

Product Description

The DigiDL allows you to remotely download VU and driver card data and securely send all files directly to your Analysis provider or corporate network.

The process is fully automated and replaces the requirement for a person to download the tachograph data. Not only does this solve the logistical nightmare of drivers and vehicles being spread across the country and working obscure shifts but it also allows you to free up drivers time.

With DigiDl installed in your vehicle(s) you can set up a schedule for downloads of both the Driver Card and the VU. The GPRS unit offers full flexibility as the vehicles can transfer data from any location in Europe.

The DigiDl can be easily transferred without re-configuration (providing the tachograph head is compatible); the existing settings will automatically apply to the new vehicle enabling a company to benefit from the system even for short term rentals.

Price is exclusive of both installation cost and SIM card cost.

Please Note

This product is only suitable for Stoneridge 7.01+ and VDO 1.3+ tachographs onwards. 

The Digidl is only compatible with an Analysis Service.  Please contact the sales team for further information on 01925 283328 or email sales@tachodisc.co.uk.

Product Specification

  • Download any EU Tachograph which supports CAN-Bus remote download
  • Remote authentication of Company Card
  • Centralised and scheduled download control
  • Remote firmware updates
  • 12/24v DC
  • Inline wiring harness
  • 3 LEDs: activity, CAN-Bus, connectivity

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