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Know Your Road Signs - Paperback - AAKRS

Know Your Road Signs - Paperback - AAKRS

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AA's Know Your Road Signs Book - Paperback

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We all use road signs every day; they guide and direct, instruct and protect us as we travel by car and on foot. Both learner and experienced drivers always need to catch up on the latest information about traffic signs and the "AA Book of Road Signs" is an ideal companion and builds on the information provided in  "The Highway Code". The book is divided into 17 clear and easy-to-use sections covering warning signs; regulatory signs; speed limit signs; low bridge signs; level crossing signs; tram signs, bus and cycle signs; pedestrian zone signs; on-street parking; traffic calming; motorway signs; direction and tourist signs; signs for cyclists and pedestrians; information signs; tidal flow lane control; pedestrian, cycle and equestrian signs; and, road works and temporary signs. "The AA Book of Road Signs" also contains a short guide about the best ways to plan a route.

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