Safe Loading

Find a variety of driving aids designed to assist the driver when loading a vehicle, ensuring you and your drivers meet the required safety standards. Loads should always be secured safely and arranged to prevent sliding or falling, which can lead to injuries or damage to your vehicle or load. It’s important that you and your drivers obtain the correct equipment for the type of load they plan to carry. 

Our wide range of safe loading equipment includes -

  • Vehicle height measuring poles
  • Safe loading poles and attachments 
  • Edge protectors
  • Lashing straps

At Tachodisc, you’ll find a variety of safety equipment including PPE, first aid & accident kits, and ADR equipment

View our range of safe loading equipment below:

Tips for loading & unloading 

When loading a vehicle it is essential to check for anything loose that may fall off, how stable the load is, whether the load can topple over, and the condition of the load-securing equipment such as lashing straps.

According to Gov if the driver has not loaded the vehicle, operators are required to inform the driver of the following information:

  • The loads they carry
  • How to unload
  • What they should do if the load shifts

This enables the safety of both the driver and other road users. 

Before unloading the vehicle, it is essential to check for shifted loads, as this could be a potentially dangerous situation that will need to be reviewed by an assessor, to assess best how to unload.