CheckedSafe paperless daily vehicle walk around check app

Having an effective way to report defects should be a key part of your vehicle maintenance regime. It’s also a good way to make sure your drivers know which defects to look for.

It’s estimated that 85% of roadworthiness infringements could be avoided if the driver carried out a walk around check before starting the journey.

The CheckedSafe app is an easy way to ensure drivers carry out walkaround checks before starting a journey. This app can prevent commercial operators being called to public inquires from drivers missing walk around checks.


  • Quick and effective driver daily walk around checks for ANY vehicle.
  • Templates tailored to your specific Industry:
    • Bus and Coach
    • LGV/HGV
    • Taxi
    • Van
    • Company Car
    • Plant Hire
    • Emergency vehicles
    • Fleet hire
    • And many more
  • All reported data available in real time.
  • All data stored on our secured servers.
  • Proven cheaper alternative to conventional methods (no paper, no trawling through pages of reports).
  • 100% fleet compliance within minutes.
  • Intelligent analytics for fleet management,
  • Data CANNOT be manipulated.
  • Full rectification trail with unique tagging of users at all levels.
  • Legally defensible position.
  • Prices start from £1 a week.

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