Vehicle Inspection Services

We are now in a postion to offer our customers our Vehicle Inspection Service, carried out by professional engineers, with over 50 years experience in the industry (in conjunction with the FTA).

As part of your operator licence obligations and road traffic law, you have an undertaking to maintain your vehicles in a roadworthy condition and ensure your drivers are carrying out their walk around checks. Around 80 per cent of heavy goods vehicle operators entrust their vehicle maintenance and repairs, and ultimately their operator licence, to external service providers.

The Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS) offer a range of solutions to ensure your vehicles, related equipment and maintenance arrangements are safe, efficent and legally compliant. 

   Why choose us for vehicle inspections and audits, here's                why......

  • First class service Our UKAS accredited inspection services ensure we operate at the highest standard. Our audits, together with advice from a dedicated contract manager, will help keep you compliant.
  • Increased compliance With a proven track record in reducing vehicle defects and our effective reporting service, your risk of non-compliance is minimised.
  • Cost saving Proven reductions in vehicle defects result in reduced repair costs, vehicle downtime and risk of prohibitions.
  • Peace-of-mind Independent audits of your maintenance providers protect your interests and ensure you are getting good value.
  • Effective reporting The latest in interactive reporting ensures you are always on top of your compliance and you can easily drill down to view individual detail and highlight trends.
  • Convenience With our onsite advice, wherever you are in the UK, you will have access to our expert engineers, all trained, accredited and audited to a national standard.
  • Expertise and competence Our engineers have to demonstrate a consistent and demanding level of competence and consistency which is regularly scrutinised and assessed under our internal quality system and externally by UKAS. Our engineers hold industry recognised irtec licences in vehicle inspection.
  • Independence and quality assurance Being accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 as a Type A Inspection Body means our inspections are a completely independent assessment which supports robust quality monitoring systems

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