Tachograph Analysis Software

Find a variety of tachograph analysis software, designed to assist transport operators to manage, store and download their tachograph digital data. It is essential to be able to analyse this data, to ensure compliance with legislation is met and recorded, such as drivers hours and vehicle data.

We offer a wide range of tachograph software, including - 

  • Signature capture software
  • Analysis software
  • Licence checking software

At Tachodisc, you’ll also find a variety of digital downloading devices and driver accessories to assist with staying compliant. 

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Further information

What is a tachograph?

A tachograph is a digital recording device used to monitor activity including, driver work hours, rest periods and record further vehicle data. A tachograph is required for any vehicle with a gross mass of 3.5 tonnes or above. Tachographs became law in 2006, EC driving hour rules state a tachograph must be fitted and record any driving period.

Why do I need tachograph analysis software?

Having analysis software is crucial in enabling you to download data from your personal drivers’ card or fleets drivers cards. It is a legal obligation to store data for 12 months, you may be asked to provide this to transport authorities when required.

Who is responsible for downloading the data on your digital tacho?

If you are a self-employed driver, you must download your own tachograph data from your drivers’ card every 21 days, you will need a tacho card reader and the correct data analysis software.  

This also applies to transport fleet operators and managers, you should ensure the data from your drivers’ tachograph card is downloaded every 21 days, using a downloading device and stored with suitable software, such as Soloplus.  

The data must be retained for at least 12 months, for inspection by enforcement officers.